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What is Wallspace Exchange and What Do We Do?

Wallspace Exchange LLC is a platform that hosts a community of art lovers brought together to help artists in exposing and selling their paintings and artworks globally. The members of this community include painters, sculptors, photographers, art brokers, art buyers, and businesses from all over the world. The primary purpose of Wallspace Exchange is to ease the process of finding and selling fine art while at the same time giving businesses a chance to earn extra income. If you are an artist looking for ways of selling your art, then Wallspace Exchange offers you the best strategies on how to sell your paintings. 

Nowadays, most of the problems that most artists face often revolve around how to sell art. Most of them, especially new artists, would say that artistry is easy because it is inborn and something they are passionate about, but when it comes to selling their art, things get complicated. The chances of getting swindled or under pricing their pieces of art are often very high. That's why Wallspace Exchange have devised a simple sales strategy that is sure to ease your burdens concerning how to sell your paintings. Before you learn how to sell art, let's look at a few things; 

Art History.

Edgar Degas once said, "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." Was he right? Well, yes of course. Art is more than just colored paint on canvas; it's more than just intricately sculptured statues; it's more than just perfectly placed photographs. Art is the perfect blend of human nature, culture, emotions, creativity, and perception. It is true that not all of us see art as it is; some people only see what's in front of their eyes, but a true artist or art lover sees beyond that. They have the ability to see, feel and become one with the artwork just by looking at it.

Since the beginning of time during the early Stone Age, art has always been man's way of shouting his inner-self using silent words. From cave man painting to the modern day art-palette-and-brush form of art, it is safe to assume that art is everywhere. That's why Hans Hofmann once stated that "Through a painting, we can see the whole world." If you were to look around you right now, the chances of you spotting a piece of art are very high. In fact, you are a piece of art yourself, sculptured by your creator. 

Why Is Artistry Critical And Why Should Artists Learn How to Sell Art?

The questions that most artists often find themselves asking are; How do I sell my paintings? or Are people going to like my artwork? or How much is my art worth?  

In 1892, a French Post-Impressionist artist called Paul Gauguin painted the "When Will You Marry?" (or "Nafea faa ipoipo") oil painting. After facing a lot of criticism and negative feedback, Gauguin placed this painting on consignment at an exhibition for only 1,500 francs (roughly $200). After 123 years, in February 2015, the same painting became one of the most expensive paintings ever sold on Earth. This stunning piece of art was sold for approximately $300 Million dollars. Amazing! Right? The question is, how did the painting's value grow from a mere $200 to $300 Million?

The moral of this story is that you may be an incredibly talented painter with impeccable skills, but without the necessary marketing tools by your side, your work is bound to be underpriced. Knowing how to sell your paintings is easy only if you join and become a member of Wallspace Exchange. We will help you get the best price out of your pieces of art conveniently and reasonably. One of your paintings might be the next big thing in the world of art, and our strategy is tailored to aid you in getting it out into the world. 

Who are The Main Beneficiaries of Wallspace Exchange?

1. Artists 

If you are an artist looking to learn a thing or two about how to sell your art, then you are in the right place. Wallspace lets you share your artworks with millions of people from all over the world. This strategy involves getting wall spaces on businesses from around the globe in exchange for a small marketing and sale commission that's usually paid to the business owner. Once you sign up as a member, there will be hundreds of businesses to choose from and new ones added every month. This strategy is simple, smart, efficient and, most importantly, very profitable. You'll have enough time to focus on painting more while your artwork is on exhibition to the largest audience of art lovers.

 2. Businesses

For businesses like Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Spas, Salons, or Cafes looking to earn extra income, this is one opportunity that you shouldn't miss out on. The process is simple;

* Pick and contact an artist from the Wallspace Exchange member's directory.

* Set the term of the deal including the commission structure.

* Place the piece of art on your business wall.

* Market the artwork to your clients. 

* Make a sale!

* Earn a commission from the sale.

* And then do it all over again. 

Earning extra cash has never been that simple. If you are familiar with the concept of "killing two birds with one stone," then you will understand that being a member of Wallspace Exchange not only brings your business more profit but also spruces up its interior decor. That means that your business will be decorated with beautiful art chosen by you while still earning more.

3. Art Brokers

A business owner or an artist could also opt to work with an art broker. The broker can either represent the business or the artist. The broker will also be eligible for a piece of the sales bounty as payment for their services. If you are art broker looking for means to earn extra money as well as access to a large pool of art deals, then stop reading and join this amazing community now! 

A Few Points To Note!

Artists and businesses are advised to upload at least 10 images of their best art and wall spaces. That way a business or an artist will be able to view your profile to determine whether you are a perfect match. You can also provide a link to your website for more exposure and extra traffic.

Also, Artists and Businesses can upgrade to a Premium Membership Plan for extra exposure. 

Remember that Wallspace Exchange does not act as an art broker for the artist or the business owner, its key role is to facilitate these deals.

Whether you are a business looking for extra income or an artist asking yourself "How to sell my art?" or seeking to learn new way on how to sell my paintings, Wallspace Exchange has what you need. As Balthus once stated, "Painting is the passage from the chaos of the emotions to the order of the possible." If you love art, then start Living Your Dream!









































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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